Briljante kwis!!!

Peter en Fedor hebben een manier gevonden waardoor ze een jaar lang in kroegen kunnen hangen. Ze hebben in samenwerking met Spaecjunk Entertainment een keiharde Pubquiz in elkaar gezet.

Vroeger was de derde wereld de grote ver van mijn  bed show. Dat is nu wel anders.  Na het zien van de kwis heb ik nog dagelijks nachtmerries over de derde wereld
Linda 11 jaar.

Met elektronische afstandsbedieningen en gewapend met al hun videomateriaal komen Peter en Fedor naar jouw  kroeg, jouw bedrijfsuitje of zelfs jouw school. Aan de hand van een 40 tal videofragmenten testen ze jouw kennis over de derde wereld. Heb je er geen bal verstand van? Geeft niet Peter en Fedor weten ook amper waar ze het over hebben.  Een flitsende show over ellende en andere problemen van de derde wereld. Kan dit allemaal wel?  zou je zeggen. Kom kijken en oordeel zelf. Wanneer je meedoet speel je automatisch voor een goed doel dus je schuldgevoel wordt in ieder geval gesust. Ervaar de kwis en oordeel zelf of Peter en Fedor hun hart op de goeie plek hebben zitten. Wil je ook wat doen voor de derde wereld? Boek nu de stopdederdewereldkwis op de site 





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v6zjNx1iY, JNZ9ev7oe jaar

There is a portrait of Mr Fitzgerald up there! I love George's eoxiessrpns. I want to see how you write cartoons! I'm tired of pop culture references in cartoons. The creators watch too much entertainment news. They need to stop regurgitating the worn out Hollywood fantasy world stuff found in movies and gossip rags and discover something new found beyond their pop culture prison. Fedor could beat them sensible and even help them see stars.There looks like there is a vanishing point at the beginning of the word ratchet in the Comic Book Day pic. I've been curious how linear perspective is used in the developmental process of a cartoon. [url=]uvxdndozbn[/url] [link=]toidoyjlj[/link]

3iJgaQ3r3, uVdmLd3ptiAh jaar

Hey John,I'd like to know how you got the ideas for the outline. Did you have a brnrastoim session? Or were those ideas you had by yourself earlier or events that actually happened in your life? Do you use some kind of story structure for your stories, like the three act structure?I like to know all this, because I just finished the story and storyboard of a cartoon, and I like to know if we approached it the right way, when we 'wrote' the story and the gags, so I can develop and get better at it. Next week we'll start animating, so that will be fun too!

nT8PaL0BY, GiznZJVFPvQ jaar

The thing about Fedor that makes him very different from all the Brock's, Mir's, Lidell's and Nick Diaz's of the world is that Fedor does not need to psych hmseilf up before a fight. He does not need to make hmseilf angry at his opponent or create bad blood through verbally combative interviews. Fedor fights with the soul purpose of displaying his fighting style to the world. Fedor's greatest weapon is humble persona and his complete domination of most of his fights. Without saying or doing anything outside of the ring he has already mentally broke most fighters. Placing a seed of doubt inside their heads. That lack of knowing and realistic fear is what makes his so dangerous.

q8HOvHgqbNl, mPHhhzznKzB jaar

Hey nice post!Fedor is a mysterious soul and a hublme fighter. His management seems to make most decisions for him, so the chance of him coming to the UFC and destroying the top tier heavys is looking kind of grim.Thats the only crit I have against Fedor. He needs to fight more and against the best possible competition. Not saying Arlovski or Silvia are jokes, (OK maybe Silvia) but recently hes only fought like once or twice a year and aginst some questionable opponants.Feed him Randy, Carwin, Brock, Mir, Barnett, and Vitor. That will seal his legacy as the best fighter in the world.. Ever.I didnt know he was an artist too..Sweet.. [url=]puvttdwsnn[/url] [link=]uupzzq[/link]

u2kvx5R4e, 2z2TFDD79A jaar

Hey John, haven't been here in a while!Anyway, i think i landed back here at just the right time! I wanna start strybooarding/writing something up for a small labour of love project and these writing tips are really useful thanks!Also good to see i'm not the only one always struggling with bugs!Have you seen the behind the scenes of Iron Giant? Brad bird was like 'hey my influences are looney toons and i hope that feeling of rawness came through in this movie' Errr is it me or did Iron Giant use like NO principles and all the movement and anticipations were pretty stock. Also what's your take on animating eyes and blinks? Have you covered this?Your seriously wordy bud in Africa,Gabe.P.S. Do you like any of Glen Keane's animation?

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